Monday, October 18, 2010

New Week to ride....

So today i rode, i have sold my tribike that was built earlier this year. It is now with a guy in Tucson AZ. My Other bikes are also for sale.

This morning I rode with a friend, his name is Miguel, Since Hector quit bike riding, i have to see if someone else would ride with me, he volunteered, we rode, and things are happily ever after.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been off my bike....and working a lot.

Recently I went out to Florida, only saw about 3 roadies....i was surprised. I thought i'd get the chance to see some more....however, i was stuck in a hotel pretty much for the 4 days i was there.

This week i hop back on my bike. i have to admit, i am pretty nervous, specially because i will be back on that mountain where i crashed, and not to mention, my right wrist hurts like hell still, any sudden movements or pressure seem to make it sting a lot.

and even thought i am nervous, i am anxious to get back on. believe it or not, i love it, and it relieves stress, but after my accident i have been stressing a lot. maybe its because i keep playing it in my mind that i could have fallen off the mountain, or had a serious puncture on my chest.

Regardless, I shall be riding tonight again. I hope all goes well, and i can get over this fear.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fell hard.

Heading downhill lost control, tried to brake and fell hard, hit a guard rail right at a bolt, the bolt hit my chest, my road id dog tag blocked it from puncturing my chest.damage to my bike....shift lever/brake lever done for, need tape done forrear derailluer done for.right shoe done for, it was destroyed completely.otherwise im good. but looks like i'll be off my bike for a few weeks, due to physical damage to my wrist and the component damage on my caad 9.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

another 50+ mile ride.....

It was a nice morning. I had accepted an invitation from the guy that is responsible for me getting back on a bike, a road bike.

He like i have mentioned before is a Triathlete. I am a beaner....with not the best track record in regards to athleticism.

ehh, i dont feel like typing today. We rode, it was cool....bla bla bla.

I'll post later.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So we hit 100 degrees in Phoenix. It is hot. your car burns your asshole when you sit on it, i have leather, leather in phoenix is like going to hell, it will burn and you will sweat, and it will be ongoing and uncomfortable.

Now, ride in that heat and you will feel your face burn, your shoulders and arms WILL burn as well, and your throat will feel the pain and discomfort of hurt when you swallow and the best part of it is, you put yourself in that F**K You and keep riding.

As if all of this is not bad, there is the problem with Sweat. It stings when it falls into your eyes. and it tastes' like shit as well, i dont care who you are, and what you eat or do to cleanse yourself, sweat is not a great tasting liquid.

My rides seem to get interrupted because of this.....but not until last week, i have noticed a drop in weight again.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


two new members have joined our wolfpack (the hangover)...LOL!

these two new dudes are fast.....which is awesome....they are really fast.

so for the first time we rode yesterday, and man, was i in some major pain, i kept up pretty well, for about 1 mile and i passed them on a sprint, and began to lead, then, CRAMP!!!! above my knee, just remembering this hurts.

i slowed down, big time, and just decided to take it easy, going uphill, same thing.....slowed down again, turned around and decided i was going to just take my sweet time.....well, as i got halfway i decided that i just going to turn around and head home. i cramped up on my legs, lower back, quads, and even my hurt a lot.

and I have a feeling i may do it again today.....just to see if i cramp up, i have drank a whole gallon of water today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Result of Monday and Tuesday


I am standing at the ranger station of the South Mountain Park in Phoenix AZ.

I am excited, a bit scared, and at the same time not knowing what to expect.

my training partner, who btw is a firefighter, or a cadet or something like that, is a running machine, but then again, that's what i said about his cycling, and as of 1 or 2 months ago, i smoke him constantly.

I decide to take a camelpak with me, because it was still a warm day.

We start to walk.....about 300 yards into it we decide to jog, he is in front of me, and im feeling great, there is this concentration that i caught, almost like a runners high, i was focused, feeling good and ready to go! I passed him, going uphill i start losing him, i feel great, my breathing is good, my trot is good and then i drop my cell phone.

He yells at me, I stop, pick up my phone and continue to run. However, i lost my concentration, i lagged, and now i am behind him. He starts passing me, and i lose him, in no time he is about 300 yards in front of me, i am exhausted.

My body hurt. It ached, and every step i took felt like i was stomping on the ground at full force.

I tried to ignore the pain, and did, for about 8 miles. as soon as i hit the 8 mile marker i walked the next 2. I was out. my entire body was full of sweat. The amazing thing was that as my body craved for feet felt extremely light.

This is going to be hard. But i have convinced my mind that i can do it.

UPDATE: the next day, i played softball and got hit on the knee by a 100 + mph ball. I have a huge bruise that has stopped me from training all week.